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Review Management

Online reviews are one of the most deciding factors in consumers search. But asking for those reviews is often an after-thought. We’ve created a platform that automates asking your customers for reviews and increases your reputation!

With our Review Management platform, you can get more positive customer reviews on ANY site of your choice, and privately handle any unfavorable reviews!

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Get More Customer Reviews

Our Review Management platform automates asking customers for reviews on your website and via email. Customers rate your business and reviews are left on any site you choose!

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Get Reviews On The Sites That Matter Most

With our platform, you can custom select which site(s) you want your positive reviews on. Choose from over 50 review sites including Facebook, Google, Yelp, and more!

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Prevent Negative Reviews

Many times upset customers are the most motivated to leave reviews. But with our platform, we can pre-qualify your reviews. We can send low ratings to a private form instead of posting the review publicly! This gives you a chance to handle the matter privately and provide better service.

Prevent Negative Reviews

Review Monitoring

Our Review Monitoring gives you a clear picture of where you stand and how your reputation is improving over time!

Reports Give You:
Overall Average Rating
Ratings Distribution
Review Volume & Distribution
Aggregate Reviews & Ratings Over Time
Individual Review Details

Review Monitoring

Auto-Post Your Positive Reviews to Social Media

Our platform automates posting of positive reviews to social media, to keep your stream full of positive sentiments. Connect your social accounts, select a schedule and our platform does the rest!

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How It Works

Sign Up & Install Widget

Just sign up and install your custom widget. You can place it anywhere you want – on your website, your thank you page, your email footer, or even send it to your entire email list. You can custom select on which sites you want to improve your reviews!

Get Ratings

Customers rate you on a 1-5 star scale. Anything less than 4 stars prompts the reviewer to a private form that can notify you, preventing negative public reviews! Any 4 or 5-star ratings are prompted to leave a review on the website of your choice!

Your Review Scores Skyrocket

Your review scores go up on the sites that matter most to you. This helps with conversions, rankings, and trust! Additionally, you can place a review carousel on your website to display all the positive reviews you’ve collected.

Review Management Packages & Pricing

Install the custom widget on your website, your thank you page, your email footer, anywhere. Select which site(s) you want your reviews on. Customers are asked for reviews on your website and via email. Customers that rate you 4 or more stars are prompted to leave a review on the sites you chose. Customers that rate you 3 stars or less are prompted to send you a private message.  Giving you a chance to handle the issue. Most bad reviews are caused by a simple misunderstanding. You can Auto-Post your reviews to social media and you can place a review carousel on your website.

Review Management L1

Single Location License


Review Management L2

10 Location License


Review Management F.A.Q.

How do I decide where to publish the reviews?

Inside our dashboard, you can choose where reviews get published. There are over 50+ sites natively integrated, and you can direct them to a custom URL if you’d like as well!

How long does it take to improve my reputation?

As soon as your set up, you could get your first reviews in an hour! After that, the process is automated so that you can continue getting reviews month after month.

Is there a minimum contract term?

There is no contract, however getting consistent reviews is a great way to keep your reputation strong, and serve your customers.

What do I need to get started?

Just purchase your package and give us a few details about your site. We’ll set up your account and be in contact about the next steps!